The Future is Smart.

LAUFT is smart co-working for those who require flexible,
innovative and productive space to work.

Our simple booking platform allows you to book a consistent work experience in convenient locations. We believe that every worker – from Entrepreneurs to Remote Workers, from Work Groups to Traveling Salespersons, from Freelancers to Consultants can be more effective when they MAKE SMART WORK™.

And we're just around the corner.

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Live to Work? Work to Live?

The smart ones never even ask the question.
The smart ones know that we’re all juggling the same 24hrs.
The smart ones realize that it isn’t simply a question of one or the other.

Meet some of the smart ones...



27 million working-age Adults
are starting or running new businesses



The total number of salespeople
employed by the S&P500



1 in 3 Workers
are now freelancing

The Best Way to Work...

Is Seamless

  • Easy Sign-Up

  • Accessible History

  • Simple Bookings

Is Convenient

  • Multiple Locations

  • Flexible Options

  • Easily Accessible

Is Consistent

  • Ideal Work Experience

  • Standard Specifications

  • Dependable Billing

And it all starts in July.

It's been an exciting journey so far building the most innovative experience to support the way
Entrepreneurs, Remote Workers, Work Groups, Traveling Salespersons, Freelancers and Consultants work.
Soon, you'll be able to experience this new face of work first-hand.

We'll be announcing more as we get closer to our launch date. Stay tuned.


You probably have some questions...
like what do you mean when you say MAKE SMART WORK™?

Yes, we believe that you have enough on your plate without having to worry about another monthly or yearly contract. Focus on what's important and use LAUFT for the times that you need to be productive. It's up to you.

Of course! Once you've joined LAUFT, you'll have access to every LAUFT. Regardless of the city, country... or planet (we're looking well into the future!)

That's why we're here! Our team is made up of workers just like you who realize that co-working spaces come with their own challenges. In many cases, they can be counter-productive. LAUFT is founded on the premise of helping workers be productive. There's a bunch of great things we're putting together and we're going to share them as we get closer to launching in May.

What we can tell you is that we will be making it easy for you to find and book a great work experience. Sign-up HERE and we'll let you know as we announce more.

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